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Business (What can I do?)

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JWMS Japanese Women Malaysia Support for overseas expansion

Supporting Japanese women who want to learn language(s), do internship or business in Malaysia.


Services include :
1. Accommodation - We have a share house which is conveniently located near public transport and with tight security.


2. Language - We provide one to one private English lessons.


3. Orientation - We provide orientation about Malaysia and the daily life here.


4. Counselling - We provide counselling sessions, conducted by professionals who know Malaysia very well.


5. Internship - Our Internship support program is based on "Request System”.
You may choose from Japanese, local or overseas companies.

Social Media Marketing Support

Our services:

■Facebook (Set up and manage the page)

■Youtube (Video shooting, editing, set up and manage the channel)

■Instagram ( Set up and manage)


Using social media as a business and “collecting customer" tool for social media, skill, knowledge, experience, creativity and a good sense is required.


We could also provide a stylish and effective website to bring in more business.

We also provide the latest marketing strategy to help you increase your profits.


Business Profile

F&B, Fashion, Beauty, Furniture etc

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Supporting Japanese Companies for Overseas Expansion (in Malaysia)

We are using the latest marketing strategy for total support.
We are also providing Marketing Research for companies and individuals
who want to know the business market before they move to Malaysia.


Business Profile

F&B, Fashion, Beauty, Furniture etc

Malaysia & Japan Coordinator and Interpreter


Since I know both countries very well, I can arrange for magazine interviews, tv shows, etc.
I am able to assist in doing the interview or video shooting of programmes for introducing Malaysia too.


Business Profile
・Yoshimoto Kogyo and Nikkei Entertainment Collaboration Project
I have managed to arrange appointments (arrangement for interviews) with 7 Malaysian celebrities in 10 days.

・I was involved in Naruto live show in Malaysia for marketing and as an interpreter.



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Screen Shot 0028-11-30 at 12.27.00 AM
Universal Studio Japan


I'm helping to promote Universal Studio Japan to the South East Asia market.

Influencer Marketing (Southeast Asia)

One of the largest Aquarium: Kaiyukan
One of the best view of Osaka:
Umeda Sky Building "Sky Garden Observatory"

I'm helping to promote them to the South East Asia market.

Influencer Marketing (Southeast Asia)

Social Media Academy


Famous influencers in Malaysia will help to create a better life and business for individuals and 
coporates using SocialMedia by sharing and providing our experience and skills step by step.

Promoting Tokyo Metro (subway) &
Japanese Pop Culture


I'm helping to promote them to the Malaysia market with the second largest advertising company in Japan (Hakuhodo).

Influencer Marketing (Southeast Asia)

The above is just a part of what I am doing.


If you have any request or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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