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My Strength

Keiko's Profile

Date of Birth:10.04.1990(28 years old)


Favorite Quote:Appreciate everything that happens.

Hobby:Photography, travelling, sports, watching movies

             and dreaming of my future.

I know well of both country's culture, custom, the

advantages and 
disadvantages so I could see things in both side point of view. I’m trying to become a bridge between Japan and Malaysia.


Primary School

​Year 1997 - 2001

■I have spent my primary school days at my father’s hometown, Itami-shi in Hyogo Prefecture.


I have lived in Malaysia until age 6 and I have been speaking to

my parents in English and my babysitter in Mandarin so I did not know how to speak Japanese at all.
I had to struggle learning the Japanese language when I went

back to Japan. I was 6 years old then.
Luckily I was young so I could pick up quite fast and I soon got used to the new environment.



JSKL Japanse School KL (in Subang)

​Year 2001 - 2004

■From Primary 6 - Secondary 2 Second Term


The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur was really spacious and there were many interesting events so I could learn many things and enjoyed my school life there.


ELC International School(UK Curriculum)

​Year 2004 - 2007

■From 14 - 17 years old


All this while I had my Primary and Secondary education in Japanese somy parents thought “this is not good enough". Therefore they insisted that I to go to International school.

I had been studying all subjects in Japanese for 8 years and

all of a sudden all the subjects were in English. In addition,

there were not many Japanese students so the environment has totally changed. For the first few months I was struggling to catch up with my studies and the international culture. However, because of having being put through this experience for 3 years, I am able to learn the “global mind set”.





Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

​Year 2007 - 2008


■I have started working when I was 17.


I have worked in the Sales & Marketing Department

for one and a half years.



I jumped into the fashion industry in Japan

​Year 2008 - 2011


■I have developed great interest in the Japanese fashion industry so I had decided to pursue my dream in this industry.

Therefore I made up my mind and went back to Japan and

worked for 3 years and accumulated invaluable experience

in the fashion industry.


I founded my own company

Year 2013


■Currently I'm expanding into various business fields.

Kindly refer to some of my businesses here.


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